Thursday, February 8, 2018

Check The Box If This Applies [Black History]

Hey Subbies,

Happy Belated Birthday to me and too you if this is B-day Month. I really wanted to do some introspection on this post. I over the age of 25, I have worked part-time for 8 years with benefits that are better than what most of my peers get living in this tax-ridden state, I have my bachelor degree and African American/Black. You guys can kind of do the math. Currently, I have been job hunting and doing the interviews and here there is background check but then nothing. I have been approached by more financial-insurance firms than I can count, offering that remodified pyramid schemes to a path of wealth and security that means investing more money into you a.k.a the "state certification" and the company. Just because the economy says more black people are working that is an abstract that not the whole essay. The questions should be asked: What type of jobs are Black American working, is part-time or full-time jobs?; What states have highest employed per capita; How much are they making at these jobs? How can we further diversify in the job market?

Now, a lot of friends and acquaintances that I talked to have this type of lifestyle
Lives at home, may or may not help parents out with financially:

  • Has some college maybe a Degree
  • Has a part-time job or lives off an inheritance
  • Relies on driving services/ Doesn't have a license. 


  • I live at home and help my mom out every month since I started working.
  • Received a Bachelor Degree
  • Has a part-time job
  • Has a license and owns a used car.

If were do a google search of "Why is so hard for black women to get a job" and other I was listen to public radio and they were going to doing a segment that centered around black women saving the U.S. and or its economy. You can read these article to get the whole picture:


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